Meet Neter Osiirê

Neter Osiirê is an artist designer and founder of the Art d’Imué. Passionate about colors, creation, the cosmos and the universe, the particularity of this artist is that she has the ability to enter atoms in order to reveal the memories of space-time inscribed in them. This ability also allows her to see things invisible to the naked eye and to make art out of them.

She started with painting from 2003 to 2007 with a few exhibitions at the Bastille contemporary art fair. Then she turned to alternative therapies. On 21 / 12 / 2012, an extraordinary event, would radically change her life and bring her back today on the artistic path.

In the silence that inhabits her, she manifests her reality, which transposes her vision of the world into this physical reality. Her wide range of creativity allows us to imagine the diversity of her inner world made of dreams, magic, poetry and mystery.
The emotion of the moment is translated on the canvas of life by the mix of materials that cross and clash in a kind of wild dance but, all in finesse and generosity by the intensity of the dense, light and constant material.

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